Valuation Reports

Mortgage lenders and government agencies often have elaborate appraisal requirements.

Our role is to understand those requirements and ensure that our narrative valuation reports contain property descriptions and valuation analyses that meet or exceed those guidelines. Our goal is to provide a report that leaves no question unanswered.

Financial Analysis

Some consulting assignments require less narrative reporting and more pure analysis and calculation.

In those cases, Gallaher Valuation will prepare financial modeling in spreadsheet form and work through sensitivity analyses to help our clients understand the interconnectivity of individual financial components.

Feasibility Analysis

Does development make economic sense? Are projected profits realistic? What are the risks of alternate possibilities?

Gallaher Valuation collaborates with both real estate developers and lenders to analyze financial feasibility of proposed developments and present possible scenarios in light of current market conditions.

Additional Real Estate Services

Beyond our valuation services, we are also available in both real estate brokerage and management capacities.

We have assisted clients in the acquisition and management of investment real estate—from entity formation to ultimate disposition of vacant land, retail stores, apartments, and other property types.